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About our audit company

Audit firm “Kyiv Auditor” has been operating in the audit services market since 2005. In our work we are guided by International Standards on Auditing and the Code of Professional Ethics for Accountants. The specialists of our company have higher economic education, experience as accountants, auditors and economists. The services of our company are used by enterprises in the fields of production, transport, agriculture, services, wholesale and retail trade, and the financial sector.
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Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in auditing and consulting companies in various sectors of the economy. This experience allows us to perform any tasks:
  • audit of financial and tax reporting
  • maintenance and restoration of accounting
  • tax advice

Tasks are performed qualitatively and in due time.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of performing tasks. Confidentiality requirements are reflected in the audit service agreement.

Audit Services

For the last seventeen years, the auditing firm Kyiv Auditor has been successfully providing auditing, consulting and accounting services. In the process of providing services, we use many years of experience, which allows us to perform quality tasks set by customers.

The main direction of our activity is, of course, is audit.


Performing audits allows to identify shortcomings in financial and tax reporting, to get an idea of ​​the real financial condition of the enterprise. Owners, management, potential buyers of the enterprise may be interested in performing the audit.


Consulting services can be very useful when the owners or management of the company makes decisions about doing business. Consultations of our specialists will help to answer the question of how business transactions will be reflected in accounting and tax accounting, what are the legal consequences of such transactions.


Accounting support allows you to correctly reflect business transactions in the accounting registers, accurately generate financial, tax and statistical reports, submit it to regulatory authorities.

Ініціативний аудит фінансової звітності

Initiative audit of financial statements

Such an audit is very important for business owners, as it provides an opportunity to verify the real financial condition of the company, its assets, liabilities and capital. Also, the audit of financial statements allows you to confirm the net assets of the company, which are the main indicator for determining the value of the company, and the company’s profit, which is the basis for accrual of dividends.

Tax audit

Tax audit involves checking the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes and fees. It is very useful for the owners and management of the company, as it allows you to identify tax risks and take measures to eliminate them.
Audit of tax reporting is carried out in the following areas:
  • income tax;
  • VAT;
  • income Tax of Individuals;
  • single social contribution;
  • other taxes and fees.

In the process of auditing tax reporting, the accounting registers are compared with tax reporting, primary documentation and business agreements are analyzed, and public databases are used.

Based on the results of the audit of tax reporting, a report is prepared with recommendations for eliminating deficiencies.

Tax audit is very useful before conducting a documentary audit by the tax authorities.

Audit of the use of grant funds

Specialists of the auditing company “Kyiv auditor” have experience in auditing of the effectiveness of the use of grant funds. Thus, the effectiveness of the use of funds received in the form of grants from the Ukrainian Cultural Fund for the implementation of cultural projects (20 projects) was checked.


Also, we have experience in auditing the use of grant funds received from non-resident donors.

An audit of the effectiveness of the use of grant funds provides an opportunity to answer the following questions:
  1. Whether reached intended purpose of use grant funds?
  2. Whether used amount funds are minimal possible to achieve set goal?
  3. Whether enough optimal was way achievement the set goal for the existing one volume allocated grant funds?

Audit in the purchase and sale of the enterprise

Includes initiative audit of financial statements and tax audit. Allows a potential new business owner to identify financial and tax risks

Audit when changing the accountant

Includes initiative audit of financial statements and tax audit. Allows the owner of the enterprise to be convinced of quality of work of the accountant.

Consulting services

Consultations on financial accounting and reporting are provided regarding the reflection of business transactions in the accounting registers (including the use of the 1C system) and financial reporting (according to national or international standards).

The company’s management often has questions about the ambiguous interpretation of the tax legislation of Ukraine (Tax Code, the Law on SSC) and the preparation of tax reporting. Specialists of our company provide advice on the application of tax legislation both orally and in writing with reference to regulations.


We also provide advice on the legality of the application of penalties by regulatory authorities.


Accounting involves:
  • reflection of business transactions in the registers of analytical and synthetic accounting (including using the 1C system) on the basis of primary documents;
  • calculation of the amount of taxes and fees;
  • formation of financial, tax and statistical reports and its submission to regulatory authorities by electronic means (through Medoc, Artzvit, etc.).

Our Audit Firm Portfolio

Our clients are Ukrainian companies and companies with foreign investment in manufacturing, transport, agriculture, services, wholesale and retail trade, and the financial sector.


Over the years, more than 200 audits of financial and tax reporting of enterprises have been performed.

The most frequently asked questions

The cost of the audit is determined after reviewing the financial and tax statements of the Company and depends on the type of activity of the Company, the number of primary documents, the complexity of the transactions. The cost of the audit is determined by telephone or in a personal meeting of auditors with the management of the Company.
The contract for the audit is concluded in writing after agreeing on the cost of the audit and the timing of the audit.
The work is performed at the location of the Company and at the location of the audit firm.

To perform an audit you need to provide: financial and tax reporting, primary documents, business contracts, personnel documentation, accounting records. It is also desirable to provide temporary access without the right to edit the accounting program in which the Company is recorded.

In the case of concluding an agreement on accounting with an audit firm, you will not spend money on the purchase of office equipment, stationery. You will not spend time looking for a qualified accountant. You do not need to pay taxes on the accountant’s salary.
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